Since their inauguration over years, portable hard disk design has remained fundamentally unchanged. The voice from users is that couldn’t see any difference of cosmetic when they are purchasing the device.

IO DATA is passionate about design differentiation. They enlisted Magnus to help engineer their product, a hub that has attractive cosmetics and see the difference to hubs in the market. Magnus takes the mechanical effort by brainstorming with IO DATA’s engineer to redesign the top and bottom case for better looking and functionality.

TOM (Three Dimension Overlay) process is common of instrument panel of automobile, beautiful and scratch-resistant. IO DATA takes this suggestion on the top case with the selected film. Dual material design on the bottom case. Make the light inside the case can be seen through the case. And feel soft when touching the outer surface which is made of rubber. These materials were researched and selected to meet requirements, as well as passed Japanese VCCI test.

In pursuit of a stylish design and functionality, we have achieved a palm-sized compact. It is also convenient for carrying data and handing it over to family and friends. These hard disks meet the standards set by the Japan Home Appliance Fair Trade Council as “quiet” and “quiet” states as quiet models. Furthermore, among them, there are three grades, GOLD/SILVER/BRONZE, based on the three factors: the design criteria of the chassis, the type of drive installed, and the presence or absence of a cooling fan.

Magnus’s engineering conduct to product design with an improved, much different cosmetic on the market.